Find small services
within your community !

You can find and apply for small services requested by your friendly neighbors in Dubai.



We are connecting people looking for small services and the handy men within their communities in Dubai.

Assemble some furniture ?

Do a paintjob ?

AC not working ?

No more dog food ?

Lost luggage?

Sink leaking ?


A fun and
rewarding experience !

The home page of our app will refresh in real time as soon as a new classified has been published ! You can apply to any job as long as you feel qualified !

Our classified appear for a short amount of time in order to keep the content fresh and make everything funnier :)

Putting up a classified is so easy !

When writing your classified, you can add:

  • Add a picture and a short description
  • Define the location, if relevant (e.g: Dubai Marina)
  • Propose to give a tip to the person you will select.

Select only the best,
with our rating system !

Anyone can apply to those classified, but to help you pick the most appropriate person, we put in a place an advanced rating system based on the previous experiences using the app.

Thanks to our iOS app, you can put up a classified for free in a matter of seconds !

It’s very easy:

  • Sign up using your favourite social account
  • Write & publish your classified, it’s instant and real time
  • That’s it, now wait for people to apply to your classified.


Want to learn more about us, report a bug or need some help with the app ? Drop us a line !